How to find Stolen Phone

Friday, 8 June 2012

How to find stolen Phone
if you lose your phone, and you think that your phone is very important data inside the phone, you can find it easily. especially if you have smartphone it will be more easily, couse smartphone was powered with application to trace you phone , like GPS system

one thing you shuld have before is Make use of tracking applications and software. They can either be free or paid. Some people even subscribe to paid applications just to protect their phones. If you have an Android phone for example, you can visit the Android market and download some apps like Where’s My Droid or LocateMyDroid for free. These applications can certainly help you in tracking your device once it is stolen.
Keep all important papers related to the purchase of your phone as well as your contract with your wireless provider. These will prove that you own the phone in the first place.
Secure a list of your phone numbers, the make and model of your phone, and a thorough description.
Make use of the security features on your phone. You can create a security code or PIN to securely lock your phone.
Inform your wireless provider once your phone is stolen. They can shut off your phone and your service to prevent sending messages or making calls from your phone.
Once you have established that your phone is stolen, report it to the authorities.
Thats all we haveabout tips to find stolen phone .


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